Islamabad - In post-Peshawar incident scenario, Islamabad police are making special arrangements for the security of both public and private schools situated in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) limits, especially those run by the military establishment, said the sources on Tuesday.

The decision was taken in the wake of the terrorist attack on a Peshawar school earlier in the day. According to the sources in the Islamabad police, IGP Islamabad following the Peshawar tragic incident issued a circular to all the police stations seeking special security arrangements around the schools at the time of opening and closing of the institution. “We have been directed to give special attention to the schools run by Army, Air Force and Navy as they might be the prime target of the terrorists in the coming days as well,” said a senior police officer on condition of anonymity. He further said that the senior police officers had been directed to conduct a survey on schools’ security and then evolve a foolproof strategy in consultation with the school management to avert Peshawar like incidents in future. The police will also enhance patrolling around the educational institutions at the time of opening and closing, he added.

The sources further said that police had been directed to maintain strict vigilance at check posts set up at different locations of the city as security had been enhanced in the city.

However, a senior police officer on condition of anonymity said that it was difficult to provide foolproof security to the schools keeping in view the meagre resources available at the disposal of the police department. “We can just increase patrolling around the schools but cannot depute security personnel on permanent basis... the management of the schools were directed time and again to ensure security at their own,” he added. SSP Operations Islamabad police Asmatullah Junejo was not available for comments despite repeated attempts while SP Security Rizwan Umar Gondal denied any comment on the security measures being adopted by the Islamabad police after the Peshawar incident.

The sources further said that the intelligence agencies have had expressed concern over the slums in the ICT limits and termed them a major factor contributing to the law and order situation in the capital. With no authentic data available about the residents and visitors of the slums, the local police were unable to take a targeted action against the criminals frequently visiting and taking shelter in these slums, they added. The sources further said that the intelligence agencies had also expressed their concern over the entry of vehicles into the city with “On Special Duty” boards as these vehicles usually avoid police search. “Majority of these vehicles doesn’t have route permits and gets least attention of the police. The unwanted elements may use these vehicles to get into the city under the guise of passengers as the police usually consider it staff vehicles and get least concerned about them,” the sources quoted the intelligence reports conveyed to the police high-ups which also sought appropriate measures on part of the local police to avert any untoward incident in future.