A:     I cried like a child today.

S:     You’re not alone; the whole nation weeps for our children.

A:     Why would they do such a horrible thing? What can they possible gain out of slaughtering school-going children? I can’t make sense of it. What goes through the mind of someone who stands in a classroom and opens indiscriminate fire on defenceless children?

S:     They’re terrorists, Ameen. Nothing is below them. Brainwashed, radicalised and willing to commit unspeakable atrocities in their pursuit of heaven.

A:     Still, they do have a political agenda, don’t they? Do they really believe that doing something like this would prompt people to join their so-called struggle? Isn't attacking children the most effective way to ensure isolation and rejection? Even those who usually sympathise with them find it impossible to defend this.

S:     I think they are growing more and more desperate. Popularity is not their concern right now, its survival. What better way to scare and terrorise people than going after their children? They wanted to tell us that if we continue our fight against extremists, they will come after our children. The military is at the forefront of this fight. So it makes sense why they chose the Army Public School for the attack.

A:     I don’t think that that would work. I am not scared, are you? I’m angry, more angry than I have ever been. I cried not because I was scared, but because I felt helpless. I wanted to save those children, and kill those who massacred them. I don’t know who to blame. The government? The military? And I don’t know whether blaming anyone would help. Nothing can bring those children back.

S:     I can completely relate to what you’re going through. You’re right when you say that nothing can bring back the slain, but we must attribute blame to those responsible. This is a moment for introspection. We shouldn’t let our rage and sorrow drag us down into a hollow abyss where we lose our ability to critically analyse our mistakes and our shortcomings. This happened to us. How did it happen? What can we do to ensure that it never ever happens again?