ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Tuesday directed the Punjab government to submit report on disciplinary action taken against those police officials, present on the scene but did not take any step to disperse the mob that burnt Christian couple alive in Kot Radha Krishan.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk hearing suo moto notice questioned whether any order given to arrest Maulvi Noor-ul-Hassan and Arshad Baloch, who had instigated the people to attack the couple. The court directed SP Investigation Syed Nadeem to file a comprehensive report about the incident. The court also sought details of the compensation paid to heirs of the deceased couple.

The court observed that DPO Kasur Jawwad Qamar had prior knowledge of the incident but took no protective measures. The chief justice said that the policemen were present on the scene, however, they didn’t take any action against the mobsters.

Additional Advocate General Punjab Razaq A Mirza told that the mob held the policemen hostage and tortured them.

The chief justice inquired whether there was any medical report in that regard. The AAG replied, no. Upon that the chief justice remarked at least the cops could have resorted to aerial fire to disperse the crowd, therefore, they were equally responsible for the crime. The court observed if the police would not take action to protect the lives and properties of people then what their duty is?

The chief justice said it is quite surprising that the concerned department did not take action of police negligence. The FIR should have been registered and action had been taken against those police officers. The court expressed dissatisfaction over the Punjab police report.

Razaq Mirza informed that the IGP Punjab had visited the place. The chief justice asked him after the incident the IGP visited the place to negotiate compromise between the parties.

The chief justice questioned how large number of people gathered on the brick kiln. The SP informed that local cleric Muhammad Hussain, Noorul Hassan and Arshad Baloch were making announcement on loudspeakers that Christian couple had burnt the pages of holy Quran.

The chief justice inquired what action had been taken against them. The SP replied Maulvi Muhammad Hussain had been arrested, while the efforts were being made to nab other two.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Minority Wing President Sajjid Ishaq wanted to speak, but the chief justice didn’t allow him, saying, don’t give it political colour.

Chaudhry Munir Sadiq, counsel of brick kiln owner, informed that his client had informed the local police that Maulvi Hussain was making announcement on loudspeaker to attack the Christian couple. However, the police did not take protective measures.

The case was adjourned till 15th January, 2015.