Independent member of National Assembly Jamshed Dasti demanded Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday to take suo moto notice of government’s attempts to bury liquor consumption in parliament case, adding that all four parliamentarians including Sheikh Rohail Asghar nominated in the case should be arrested forthwith.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club, he added that FIR of the case was sealed while the SHO disappeared on the order of interior minister. He alleged that the MNAs involved in immoral activities were patronised by the Prime Minister. He said that he raised the issue of immoral activities and liquor consumption in parliament lodges on the floor of National Assembly and demanded the Speaker to launch impartial investigations but no action could be taken against the accused. He said that the Chief Justice should take suo moto notice of the case. He warned that he would stage a sit-in outside parliament if all the four accused MNAs nominated in the FIR were not arrested and the SHO given protection. “If the parliamentarians sitting in the assembly are examined by good doctors, 98 per cent of them will turn out drinkers,” he alleged.

He reiterated that Muaffargarh police conducted fake encounters and killed dozens of innocent people but no one took notice of this killing spree. “Where are the courts? Who is to investigate into these fake encounters?” he exclaimed.

He claimed that nuclear test was being conducted at TP Link Canal as the Chief Minister wanted to teach the residents of South Punjab a lesson for raising voice for a separate province. He warned that killer diseases like cancer would break out if nuclear power plant was built in Muzaffargarh. “It will destroy crops and burn entire region. If the government wants to set up nuclear power plants, it should set up these installations in Lahore, Jati Umra or on mountains,” he added. He alleged that Shahbaz Sharif wanted to kill 25 million residents of South Punjab with the connivance of feudals of this region, but he would not let Sharif do it.

He lashed out at Imran Khan and said that the nation pinned heavy hopes on him but he disappointed the people. “Blocking the roads does not make any difference to the rich. It only affects the poor,” he added. He claimed that the government would have gone home in three years if Imran Khan had exhibited patience for two years. He maintained that the PML-N government gained strength because of Imran khan’s haste and sit-ins. He said that Imran Khan was accompanied by dead horses, fired cartridges and old coins, adding that Khan could not create new Pakistan in their presence. He asked Imran Khan not to jam the wheel of the poor. He said that the poor farmers were faced with serious financial crisis because of sugar mill mafia. He warned that the exploiters were laying foundation of a bloody revolution in the country by pushing the farmers and citizens into crisis.