Democracy represents the good governance and controlled the poverty and distribution of equal rights. In the modern era people living without electricity, lack of basic health facilities, draining system and child out of School. In the Taluka Kotdiji village Jhango wassan has constructed dispensary but no staff and medical facilities available in the dispensary. Today main issue of health and education but both department performance is very low. What happened in this critical situation what government have taken any step how to control the both department.

Health and education is the basic needs and government should give priority. Hepatic B and C day by day increase in the villages as well as cities. In the newspaper we read on daily basis people are dying in dangerous disease who take initiative for the control this dangerous disease. This is prime responsibility of Sindh government to active play role and keep check balance both institutions. Chief Minister of Sindh said that for the completion of works of hospitals and School this is admirable and positive step of Sindh government but not practically implemented on the real grounds.

Make out solution for the improvement in Health and education sector and give staff dispencery of village Jhango wassan and organize the free medical camps specially for the free test of Hapatis B and C , sugar and T.B and all tests in school, colleges and in the villages of Sindh. Hope fully we expect Chief Mininster of Sindh and Pakistan People Party solve problems of Sindh as save precious lives of poor people.


Khairpur Mirs, December 5.