The announcement of( Sin Taxing) imposed on cigarette Tabacoo and sugary beverages by National Health Service (NHS) considered as a smart decision .

Tax on cigarettes Tabacoo reached Rs-5 to Rs 15 for the each packet that make more difficult to the smoker to buy it.

Increasing tax on cigarette tabaco has a great measure has been taken by Government for the purpose to discourage smoking .

Smoking remain very harmful to our health especially for young generation; it has reported that every day about 15,000 of our young generation gets involve in Smoking in Pakistan that is known the greatest cause of preventable illness and deaths .In Pakistan annually 108,800 causes of deaths take place due to Tabasco. Smoking remains very dangerous for our health.

However ,to imposed Sin tax on cigarettes can make difficulty for our young people to buy it where they can be protected from the destruction of it.

It is a nice decision by (NHS) that can be protected for smoker who may avoid smoking it because of it’s expensive price.


kech, December 5.