Balochistan is the centre of discussion in Pakistan these days for the priceless territory owned with numerous ongoing businesses with the likes of CPEC and Reko Diq. Besides it, the province possesses the natural resources in shape of coal and mining and the natural gases. With uncountable resources gifted from the nature to the Baloch, the province is called to be the poorest from 2007 with the lowest literacy and the minimum population rates.

According to the recent census, Balochistan’s population is somewhat 12,344,408 including 52% Baloch, and other 48% includes Pashtunes, Brahuis, Sindhis and Punjabis. The poverty line of the province seems increasing year-by-year; it was 48% in 2001, 50% in 2005, 71% in 2015 and 86% in 2018. The major cause is a great negligence from the federal and provincial governments to stable the Baloch nation. Despite Baloch own the capabilities in various aspects to have a smooth go, they go beyond the notice when it comes to providing the maximum number of opportunities. Therefore, I plea to the governments of Balochistan and Pakistan to put forward steps to promote Baloch nation in Balochistan.


Turbat, December 6.