I request you to publish my letter in order to evaluate the reasons for the problems faced by the citizens of Karachi due to less availability of water to use . This will make an emphasis on higher authorities for the identification of problems as a citizen of Karachi, I am raising the voice on behalf of all the people, who faces the problems due to the less availability of water .

Karachi water board is responsible for the distribution of portable water to the citizens of Karachi but, people of Karachi faces water shortage on daily basis, they are not provided with water for even their personal use. The WATER BOARD knowingly do not open their walls of water as they want to earn some money from their well known tanker business they knowingly do that so that people order tankers and they can earn money . Not every one can afford the ever increasing rate of tankers every week and if they don’t order they have to suffer from scarcity. Every single day we are depressed due to this reason.

I want to drag the attention of higher authorities of Sindh Government to please investigate the responsible officers of water board, because now this is getting out of hands please take a note over it so that the people of Karachi can be provided with the needed access of water. I will be really thankful .