LAHORE Mirza Ghalib must have been prophetic for Minister Agriculture Punjab Malik Ahmed Ali Aulakh when the greatest Urdu poet said 'Kuch na samjay khuda karay koi (literary 'May no body get any idea of what I say) as Aulakh is no exception since he is at best mincing words, making them inaudible through distortions, while giving confused answers, which made it almost impossible for the members to comprehend what the Minister was trying to communicate. Certainly, it was all in his mind, which the members could not read. He was supposed to answer queries by MPAs on Livestock & Dairy Development, Forest, Fisheries & Wildlife Departments here at the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, and as such there was no rocket science involved. Secondly, the Minister proved for yet another time that nothing can be extra-ordinary during the Question-Hour of the Punjab Assembly as far as the ministers are concerned since most of them have so far thoroughly failed in satisfying the House with their answers. Thirdly, he is also good at giving assurances that the best is coming their way as the government had been doing a lot in these sectors. Interestingly, no one from his colleagues came to his help, as it is a routine with ministers, Speaker and Deputy Speaker as well. However, when he told the House, while quoting 2001 report of the Pakistan Economic Research Institute (PERI), that the ratio of trees per acre was increasing from three to 17 per acre, Oppositions Ch Sher Ali questioned about non-availability of the latest survey of the government, and asserted that the government should have checked that no corruption was done in 2001 when the report was compiled. Aulakh denied corruption in the Department by arguing that that the number of trees had been increasing, instead of decreasing. This was immediately rebutted by Shaikh Ala-ud-Din, who averred that everyday thousands of mounds of wood was being stolen from forests. The Minister again stuck to his guns, and turned the tables onto the Shaikh by saying that the latter should point out a particular case, and 'necessary action will be taken against the culprits. Then the Shaikh involved the Speaker by telling him that he (Shaikh) knew that woods were being stolen. The Speaker repeated Ministers assertion and asked the Shaikh to point out a particular case. To this, the Shaikh said the Speaker was a good defender and pleaded that the Chair should do justice regarding the matter in question. However, Aulakh informed House that the government was contemplating to amend the Forests Act 1927 to raise the minimum fine of Rs 500 up to Rs 10,000 and imprisonment of six moths to six years for timber theft. This year, 30 million trees will be planted out of which 20 million to be planted by the Forests department, while tree plantation will be done on 5000 acre of private lands, he added. Nevertheless, while taking no responsibility for doing away with any irregularity, Aulakh kept his routine of giving ambiguous replies much to the dismay of the members. Later, the Assembly unanimously passed a resolution recommending the federal government to remove bottle necks in the acquiring and installation of nuclear power plants in the country. Treasury MPA Rana Muhammad Afzal moved the resolution that power shortage had crippled Pakistans economy as well as routine life of the people at large. He urged the Centre to get withdrawn all conditions imposed by the US, France, UK and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for acquiring nuclear power plants. Despite using Pakistan at their will in the war on terror, these countries are obstructing Pakistans development process. Nuclear energy is cheapest source of electricity generation after hydel, he said, citing that France gets 72 percent electricity through nuclear means, while Pakistan generates only 1.2 percent. The House also passed another resolution moved by Oppositions Majida Zaidi. The resolution recommended the provincial government to construct an under pass or overhead bridge at Chowk Yateemkhana to ensure smooth traffic flow. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan told the House it was in his knowledge that the plan was in the offing. Treasury MPA Nasim Nasir Khawajas resolution for turning a ground adjacent to shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq (RA) Sialkot, into a public park, was approved by the House. On their points of order, Minority MPAs Pervez Rafiq and Tahir Khalil Sindu complained that they submitted twice the resolutions to impose a complete ban on alcohol drinking and its business, which were rendered unheeded and were not tabled in the House by the quarters concerned. Pervez clarified that alcoholic drinks were illegal in all the religions, including Christianity. Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan offered them to bring a fresh resolution in this regard, assuring that these would not be opposed by the treasury benches. Rana Sana also told the House Assembly that district Nazims would have the authority to check kite-flying violations until they were replaced by some other competent authority. He was responding to a point of order by Q-Leaguer Seemal Kamran, who objected that in the absence of district Nazims, which authority would check Basant, while the relevant law was yet to be signed by the Governor. She also suggested that open areas in the surrounding of Lahore could be declared as kite flying zones to celebrate the Basant. Rana Sana, however, admitted that it was an uphill task for the government to check kite flying in thickly populated areas. The Kite Flying Association has been asked to register the kite flyers as well as check the sale of banned strings, he said, while adding that the KFA had also been warned that they would be held responsible for killings due to chemical twines. Earlier, PPP member Hassan Murtaza also pointed out the Basant issue and said the Lahorites should be given a day to celebrate this gala, citing that all the public festivals including Horse and Cattle Show, school fares were not being held because terrorism. Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed said an effective offence had been waged against terrorists and no major incident had occurred since long. He said they would allow Basant provided the KFA guaranteed that no deaths because of strings would occur. Raja Riaz also told the Assembly that Punjab had now adequate water for wheat crop cultivation due to recent rains. Responding to PPP MPA Syed Hassan Murtazas Point of Order, he added that Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal had also been reopened, which would substantially add to the irrigation water. Later, responding to an Adjournment Motion, jointly moved by opposition members, Rana Sana said the Kot Lakhpat Central Jail was presently housing 3819 prisoners, whose blood screening and other medical tests had been conducted. In these tests, Hepatitis B and C diagnosed in 110 and 300 prisoners respectively, while 60 had AIDS and 32 were suffering from TB, he mentioned.