ISLAMABAD - Officials of Enforcement Directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) following the directions of Administration Directorate deprived the former employee of CDA of shelter in sheer violation of defined rules of the Authority. According to details, Anwar Masih, ex-Mate, Sanitation Directorate of CDA was retired from his services on September 19, 2009. However, after his retirement, the competent authority, the Administration Directorate of CDA, awarded him a grace period of six months till March 18, 2010 to retain government accommodation, quarter no 633-A, located in Sector G-7/3, Islamabad. It is pertinent to note here that almost all the government servants have usually been entitled for the grace period after their retirement. The saga of Anwar Masih started on February 15 when the Directorate of Encroachment CDA received an office order from the Administration Directorate under the signing authority of Deputy Director Syed Haseen Raza Zaidi asking the enforcement directorate to make arrangement to vacate the house from Anwar Masihs possession in spite of the fact that more than one month was remaining in the deadline to vacate the house. The drive to vacate the house was carried out under the supervision of Yasir Latif Gill, Assistant Director (Enforcement) and in the presence of Senior Special Magistrate CDA. According to Anwar Masih, the Enforcement Directorate officials accompanying with 20 to 30 people and the new owner of the quarter, raided the house when only one woman was present inside the house. Anwar alleged that the officials there threatened the woman to leave the house or otherwise they would forcefully vacate the house. When TheNation contacted the officials concerned in Enforcement and Administration directorates, they put blame on one another and nobody took the responsibility. However, Anwar Masih is hopeful that Mustafain Kazmi, the newly appointed Member Admin would resolve this issue on priority basis.