We generally believe that our political elite, and the senior government officials who frame the administrative policies, possess enough wisdom and intellect to handle their jobs. Unfortunately, the type of decisions they take stretches that belief to the point of rupture. Where lies the sense in making presentation of a computerized identity card compulsory for drawing a mere two kilograms of sugar from the Utility Stores? Are they screening people for entering a nuclear facility where they have to prove their identity? What about the families in which fathers go to work early morning and mothers are tied up in household chores, or worse themselves have to go to work also.? What if only have underage children (with no ID cards) to buy the groceries? Does the government assume that this kind of households do not need sugar at all? It is distressing that the government shows no intention or interest in alleviating distress of the people. In two years of its rule, they have failed to solve numerous very little problems that required no more than a month to redress. Just import shiploads of sugar and flood the market with it. The governments investment will be required for the duration of the shipping period because the money will be recovered the day consignments arrive and are picked up by the dealers. The only concession required from the government would be to exempt the item from import duty so that its price remains within reach of the common man. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, February 16