ISLAMABAD Corruption is not just taking bribe but it can be more lethal when done technically. In a living example, Managing Director OGDCL Zahid Hussain made changes in the bidding document of Sinjhoro LPG/NGL extraction facilities, which are all damaging the interests of the OGDCL and favouring some blue-eyed company. TheNation is in possession of a document that shows a tender document, prepared for the OGDCLs outsourcing of LPG to private companies, (a project worth billions of dollars), was personally reviewed by Syed Zahid Hussain, MD OGDCL, and revised by him in his own handwriting (TheNation has a copy of the handwritten amendments of Zahid Hussain). Well-placed sources in the OGDCL told this scribe that the handwritten amendments comprising 36 pages, were made to reduce OGDCL rights and not even a single amendment was made in favour of the OGDCL, adding that all the amendments were made to give favour to the expected winner. A senior OGDCL staff member told this scribe that the amendments, some of which are highly technical in nature, showed that they were actually dictated by some blue-eyed company and the MD just reproduced them through his handwriting. The MD had made an amendment regarding the minimum recovery of the LPG percentage as 95 percent and not as 95wt percent. The MD is a non-technical person and could not understand the technical difference between the two terms. Therefore, this correction had allegedly been made by the interested party. The corrections made by the MD in his own handwriting were meant to give benefit this particular LPG party. As per further amendments, the MD amended the clause about giving exclusive right to the successful party by inserting the words for the life of the field reservoir. At another place, he specifically inserted the words or any extension(s) thereof while describing successful bidders exclusive right to cover the OGDCLs gas sales agreement with Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL). The original tenders clause showed that the successful bidder had only right of selling 100 percent of the LPG while the recovered Natural Gas Liquids were to be pumped back to the OGDCL. The MD in his own handwriting even made the availability of the NGL for the successful bidder by inserting the words or sold to the company through a separate agreement The MD removed the OGDCLs rights, as shown in the original tender documents, to verify the design or to inspect or to monitor progress and performance of the successful bidder or even to seek data/documents from the successful bidder. Not only that, the MD also deleted OGDCLs right of appointing a consultant to monitor the work of the successful bidder. The original tender documents had put a clause to impose limit on the bidders who are using funds through money laundering. It also had disallowed the companies, which were registered in the tax haven countries such as Nassau, Jersey and others. The MD wanted this to be deleted and wrote is it mandatory? (TheNation has recently exposed Iqbal Z. Ahmeds FIA case accusing him of money laundering of billions of rupees.) It is also pertinent to mention here that the DG FIA, Tariq Khosa, who was probing into the case, was removed from his seat by the Prime Minister. The original documents had asked the bidders to provide main equipment summaries giving duty specifications and sizes. The MD deleted the words duty specification and sizes to give leeway to the blue-eyed party not to specify what they actually were offering. The original tender documents had termed information from the bidders on the estimated project cost, proposed financing plan, details of local and foreign currency financing etc as mandatory. The MD personally deleted all the requirements from the draft tender. The original tender had also put a requirement that the deductions would be made, if the bidders who offered the highest compensation but did not meet the implementation period. The MD deleted this clause as well. At another place, the tender draft had a clause about the OGDCLs right to access the plant for inspection etc. However, the MD inserted the words with prior notice and on reasonable hours. At another place, the OGDCL had wanted right to seek specifications for equipment and materials from the successful bidders. The MD deleted the entire clause and explained this on behalf of his blue-eyed company that it could not be demanded by the OGDCL, as this was proprietary item. The original tender had a clause, which empowered the OGDCL to verify the plant testing certification. However, the MD deleted the OGDCLs verification and changed it into verification by a third party to be appointed by the successful bidder. It is pertinent to mention that this scribe had contacted the OGDCL for the comments but even after three days given to the authorities to provide their point of view, they did not gave any answer.