ISLAMABAD Showing its concerns over the revenue collection, International Monetary Fund (IMF) has once again asked the Government to bring mini-budget to generate extra Rs 25 billion in order to meet the annual tax target set for the ongoing financial year, sources informed TheNation on Tuesday. According to the sources, in the current meeting between IMF and Pakistan, IMF expressed its serious reservations over the performance of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in the first seven months (July-January) of 2009-10. Officials of IMF were of the view that it would be difficult for the FBR to meet the annual tax target without brining new measures for tax generating. It is worth mentioning here that it was not the first time when IMF asked the Government to bring mini-budget or take other new measures to increase the tax collection for the remaining months of current fiscal year. As in previous meeting between Pakistan and IMF, they asked for the same. On that FBR was all set to bring new revenue generation measures to collect Rs 25 billion. However the Government did not accept the said proposal of FBR on that time, as they believed that they would cut the developmental budget under PSDP and would cover the shortfall. According to the sources, IMF in ongoing meeting was not agreed on this proposal and asked the Government to bring mini-budget, as they would not achieve the target without it. The sources in the FBR, who were informed by FBR officials present in the ongoing talks in Dubai regarding developments of the meeting, said IMF stressed the Government to take new steps to enhance the tax collection in the remaining quarter (April-May) of 2009-10 to make sure to meet the tax target. Talks between IMF and Government started in Dubai on February 15. Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tarin is heading the Pakistan delegation, while Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Sohail Ahmad, Governor State Bank of Pakistan Salim Raza, and officials of FBR and Finance Ministry are also participating in the meeting. According to the sources, tax authorities had collected around Rs 684.5 billion in the first seven months (July-January) of current financial year. Meanwhile the FBR set Rs 720 billion for revenue collection target for the July-Jan period. FBR has faced around Rs 35 billion shortfalls in seven months. FBR in the annual budget for 2009-10, set Rs 1,380 billion tax collection for the ongoing financial year as against the previous years collection of Rs 1,157 billion. However they (FBR) did not achieve the tax target even in the single month in seven months.