LONDON (AFP) - A Nato strike that killed 12 Afghans at the weekend was not a rogue missile and hit where it was intended, the British commander of international forces in southern Afghanistan said Tuesday. Nato forces have resumed using the type of rocket involved, after probing what went wrong, he said. We know now that the missile arrived at the target that it was supposed to arrive at, Maj-Gen Nick Carter told reporters in London via video link from Lashkar Gah, in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. During a briefing on an ongoing Nato offensive against Taliban in the area, of which the strike was part, he said: It wasnt a rogue missile. There was no technical fault in it. The use of the missiles had been suspended while an investigation was conducted, but the Nato commander said: We are using these missiles again, although only one of them has been used since that event. A military spokesman here said that the strike had been aimed at the Taliban and it was not unusual for them to operate from civilian-populated areas. Carter said investigations had revealed procedures governing the use of the HIMARS were as they should be. Carter added that we are being very careful, though, with any aerial delivered munitions to avoid similar incidents.