Today, our rulers can prevail upon not just the filthy politicians, but others too. This new technique of using street-power for personal gains was invented by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in the last days of Ayub Khan. Bhutto knew how to build street-power. He humiliated the army generals to get the Jawans to fall in line behind him. He did the same with the police upper hierarchy to win the constables. He denigrated teachers and professors to get the students to support him. He insulted the haves to get the have-nots behind him. He put the industrialists behind bars to get the labour to shout slogans for him. He nationalised industry and ruined it completely. He nationalised banks and destroyed it completely, nationalised education and ruined it to the core. With all this street power going to his head, he became a law unto himself. No rules were rules for him, no regulations in his way. This politics of the PPP founder became the hallmark of all PPP governments that came into power after him. The Jiyalas take a cue from the leaders and are never bound by any discipline, except orders from the 'leader. A total free for all prevails in the country in partys attitude towards resources and the institutions of the country. Bhutto wanted to kick the Chief Justice of the Lahore high court upstairs so he got a law passed that refusal of a transfer order by a judge would be deemed his resignation. The Chief Justice refused/resigned and left the scene. Now his son in law, Zardari, is trying the very same tactics. Benazir, by the way, had improved upon that method. She had transferred a not-quite-pliable Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court to the Shariat Court. The next incumbent was sent packing to the Supreme Court for the same reasons. Then she picked a junior to head the court. Thereafter, the judges who were appointed in their dozens were those who had never seen the inside chambers of a high court. Cronies became guardians of justice. Finally, the so-called Daughter of the East married the man who has today ruined the image of Pakistan throughout the world. Pakistan never recovered from all these shocks. -RAJINDER GAREWAL, Edinburgh, February 16