BADIN - The people who attacked Supreme Court of Pakistan in past are striving to compose contention between government and judiciary. Conspirators, who had always ruled the country through hidden doors, are posing to become champion of democracy and guards of human rights. The days have gone when they succeeded in befooling the people; now the people will not let them play with the passions of people but make their conspiracies fail. Tanveer Ahmed Arain, Central General Secretary Sindh Peoples Youth (SPY), expressed these views while addressing a protest demonstration, staged in favor of president of Pakistan and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. A large number of party workers and Sindh Peoples Students activists participated the rally, led by Tanveer Ahmed Arain, Abdul Sattar Memon, Essa Tabasum, Muneer Hussain, Murtaza Khaskheli, Jabbar Abbasi, Jamal Chandio and others. It was started from regional office and culminated before the Press Club. Protesters raised slogans against PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders of PML (N). Addressing the protestors, the PPP leaders condemned the non-parliamentary language used by Nawaz Sharif against the president and said that today selfish individuals are active to derail the democratic system and want to dwindle the elected government which has come into power through vote of masses. They said that the people who empowered their political strength during the regime of dictatorship were trying to lesson us about democracy and human rights. They said that Muslim League (N) was claiming to follow the Charter of Democracy (CoD) but did they respond that? Is it consisted of only two points namely restoration of judges and exclude the 17th Amendment from the constitution of Pakistan? They asked why Nawaz Sharif did not dare to resolve NFC Award, supremacy of parliament, provincial autonomy, distribution of water and such other matters? They blamed that during the regime of Nawaz Sharif, thousands youths were terminated from service on political basis. Muhd Essa Tabasum, Abdul Sattar Memon and Muneer Hussain Khuwaja spoke on the occasion. PPP committed to peoples uplift, say Mirza Sindh Home Minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, said that PPP had firm determination to serve the people without any discrimination. Development work is due right of people and PPP govt has planned comprehensive network for the progress and prosperity of common man. He expressed these views while inaugurating supply of electricity to different villages. He said village Mohd Siddique Dars, Jaffar Panwhar, Obhayo Panwhar, Ali Bux Panwhar and Peroz Khan Jamali had been facilitated with electricity at the expense of huge expenditure allocated for development scheme. He said, They do not believe in false and bogus claims; rather they are proving through practical services, adding that during the regime of former governments only foundation stones were laid and no more work could proceed but they are providing all basic needs to the masses. He said they would change the destiny of the downtrodden people and they should also be sincere with govt. Moreover, he said despite conspiracies, they would complete their tenure and serve the people without any discrimination. On this occasion DCO Badin Agha Wasif Abbas, DPO Badin Fida Hussain Mastoi, Chairman CEDA Khalil Bhurgari, Mirza Suhail, Mir Hameed Talpur and other were also present.