KARACHI - PML-Q Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh said that end to the political romance between the PPP and PML-N has finally taken place as both the parties had sharpened teeth against each other and the pandora box between them has been opened on the streets. In statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that continuous non flexible attitude of PPP during the on going scenario of the country reflected that they had admitted that their popularity had fall down and now they are trying to portray themselves an oppressed party in the on going crisis. But on the other hand actually the PPP government is taking the political situation towards collision with the judiciary. He said that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillanis statement that the executive orders of reinstatement of judges would be ratifying by the parliament exposed the real face of PPP led government. He said that the innocent face of prime minister has also wash out in this crisis who presented himself innocence. He made it clear that judiciary was restored due to the massive struggle of lawyers, the media, political parties, civil society and the masses but prime minister always portray that he had restored the judiciary. He clarified that the larger bench of judges had also concluded the 3 November orders of emergency so there is no need to PPP to become the champion of independent judiciary. Haleem Adil Sheikh was of view that the PPP governments wrong policies pushing the country into a big judicial and political crisis.