LAHORE - Venting their outrage at Dr Aafia Siddiquis conviction, hundreds of students affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday marched from The Mall towards American Consulate to flay US excesses in the name of justice and press international community to play its role for immediate release of Aafia. Earlier, the protesting students of Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC) and Superior University also staged a massive demonstration outside the Punjab Assembly under the aegis of Insaf Student Federation (ISF) against US jurys decision in Aafia case. Addressing the protesters outside the US Consulate, Aafia Siddiquis sister Dr Fauzia said that chief offence of her sister was that she was a Muslim, who went to Afghanistan to provide medical assistance to the injured when the US had waged a war against innocent Afghan people. She questioned why the human rights organisations across the world, particularity in Pakistan, were silent over such a massive violation of human rights wherein an innocent woman and her minors had been arrested for nothing. Terming the judicial proceedings in American court against her sister as bogus, Fauzia said all the allegations laid against Aafia were baseless and concocted. She demanded of the government to take the matter up with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and raise voice for the release of Aafia before the United Nations. She asked for support from all human rights organisations, religious and political parties for bringing her sister back home. She also asked the US government to urgently withdraw fake charges on Aafia and repatriate her to Pakistan. Chanting anti-US slogans and carrying placards inscribed with writings in favour of Aafia, the protesters announced that countrywide protests would start and continue until Aafia was freed. They also called upon the government to make solid arrangements to plead the case of Aafia and make way for her repatriation to Pakistan. It may be mentioned that Federal District Court in New York under Judge Richard Berman and 11 other members of the jury conducted the hearing of the case for twelve days. The biggest allegation against Aafia was that he had tried to kill US agents with an army rifle, and shot at the US agents while she was detained for questioning in Afghanistan. Nine witnesses were presented before the jury of whom six were present in the room at the time of shooting. US Army Captain Schnieder and Afghan national police officer Bahsir were also present during the case. Dr Aafia had also reacted violently to the verdict saying that the American system of justice was not fair. She had alleged that the decision has been taken by Israel.