Countless think-tanks based in America and other western countries involved in the policymaking are justifying invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by painting a dark picture of Pakistan and its nuclear program, the radicalization of the Muslim world and the fundamentals of Islam. It seems their intelligence agencies are also assigned the special tasks to influence the media to make the pens spew out poison against us. A concerted effort is being made for further stoking fires of chaos and anarchy through purveyance of these prescribed themes, distorting facts and spread of disinformation, all aimed at keeping the pot of war on terror boiling. They portray the aggressors as virtuous reformers committed to democracy and liberty and the victims of aggression as evil practitioners of a pre-historic dogma. The majority of think-tanks, based on their skewed view of this issue, seem repositories of prejudice that work on a given agenda to achieve, what some people might with justification call, 'sinister objectives. They freely demonize Islam, its fundamental concepts, adherents, Pakistan and its nuclear program. On sheer strength of their propaganda, they have virtually branded every bearded Muslim to be a terrorist, and by extension, all freedom struggles of Muslims in countries around the world, to be 'terrorist movements. Ironically, none of them, and more particularly those that worm through life infesting these so-called think-tanks, seem to understand that the biggest casualty of their projected theme-points is the America itself. Instead of advocating peace, harmony and goodwill, they have brought the American civilization on collision course with the Muslims, turning the entire world into a battlefield in the process. -ALYA ALVI, Rawalpindi, February 16