ISLAMABAD  - Boating in the Rawal Lake has become the most popular recreational activity for the visitors of Lake View Park, but it is a risky affair in the absence of safety measures.
The Lake View Park is the only venue in the Federal Capital where people can enjoy boating . "We are here for boating , but I will not allow my children to have a boat ride without safety gadgets," said Mazhar Chattha, who had come to the park with his family on Thursday.
"We often come here just for boating . There are many parks in the city, but boating makes the Lake View Park special," said Nazir, a visitor.
The boatmen charge Rs 300 for a short trip and Rs 500 for a long trip in the lake .
People from different areas of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad visit the park, particularly at weekends, to enjoy their free time.
"The Lake View Park is really a place to enjoy.  After a hectic day, I rush to the park, where I get refreshed after spending only a few moments," said Muhammad Atif, a visitor. However, boating in the lake is risky as no lifeguards have been deputed, he complained.
Many visitors demanded the Capital Development Authority to delpoy well-trained lifeguards on permanent basis. They claimed many people had drowned in the lake due to the absence of lifeguards and safety equipment.
Instead of banning boating , the authorities concerned should adopt safety measures, they added.
A senior official of the Rawal Lake View Park said the authorities would regulate the boating activities in future and proper safety measures would be ensured.