Taking notice of news published in newspapers regarding gang rape of two sisters and report of Bahawalnagar DPO, the Punjab Inspector General of Police ordered the ‘accused’ Haroonabad DSP to report to the IGP office in Lahore besides a ‘high-profile’ probe into the incident.

It is to be noted that Haroonabad DSP Malik Rafique along with seven others gang raped two sisters on January 24 and attempted to hush up the matter.

Both the affected sisters made efforts to get justice but the police officials kept on using delaying tactics and did not registered a case of the incident due to the involvement of the DSP. However, the media reported the incident after the girls found no other way to raise voice for justice.

After reports of the incident of gang rape of two sisters in media, DPO Athar Ismail reported the matter to the IGP who ‘immediate took action’ and not only the ‘accused police officer’ was ordered to report to Police Headquarters in Lahore, but a ‘high-profile’ probe was also ordered. DPO Athar Ismail said that both the sisters ‘appeared’ in his office last night and they informed him (DPO) that they (girls) did not seek any action against the ‘accused’ DSP and accomplices.

On the other hand, despite hectic efforts by this correspondent, the girls could not be located to ascertain their “future line of action.”

Meanwhile, sources said that the police high-ups including the DPO were attempting to influence the inquiry and ‘settle’ the issue by hook or by crook. They questioned the DPO move to get an (affidavit) from the affected girls with the note that “they did not want any action against the DSP and his accomplices.” They emphasised that the DPO should have set an example by making things ‘crystal clear’ rather attempting to sweep the “misdeed” of the DSP under the rug.

They demanded the Punjab CM and IG police to take stern action against the DSP and his accomplice to purge the Police Department from black sheep who had blotted the image of the whole department.