ISLAMABAD- National Assembly’s standing committee for law and justice has rejected the proposed bill for allocation of special seats for disabled persons .

The meeting was chaired by Mahmood Bashir Virk. The bill stated that the disabled persons were denied their due rights of representation and quota for official jobs, despite being 10 percent of the total population.

The bill fully endorsed by PTI and MQM, was opposed by PML-N, PPP, JUI (F) and others on the grounds that approval of the bill will usher in a flow of demands by other fraternities, dividing the society on whole.

The other bill tabled by Dr. Ramesh Kumar was critical of the fact that despite an increase in National Assembly seats during 2002, the allocation for minorities was not increased proportionally.

The committee’s unanimous opinion was that no census had been carried out in the country, making it difficult to determine the exact delimitations and their numbers in the country.