KARACHI - The PML-N organised a conference on law and order in which various political parties extended their support to continue the ongoing targeted operation in Karachi.

PPP, PTI, MQM, JUI-F, ANP, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan Sunni Tehreek and others party leaders participated in the conference held here on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, JUI-F leader Qari Usman said that the government should pay heed to the reservations if any political party has, but the operation should continue without any discrimination.

ANP leader Advocate Altaf said that a monitoring committee should be established to examine the on-going targeted operation in the city.

JUI-S leader Hafiz Ahmed Ali said that war is not a solution to any issues and negotiation is the only way to bring peace. He demanded the government to establish a judicial commission to probe the assassination of religious clerics.

Karachi Tajir Ittehad (KTI) chairman Atiq Mir expressed concerns over the government’s negligence in connection with equipping the security forces with the latest ammunitions. He said that the security agencies have been tasked to kill a lion but equipped with the weapons which cannot even kill a jackal. MQM leader Khwaja Izhar said that during the last five months of the targeted operation, the cases of extortions and terrorism went up. Rangers and police instead of crashing down the terrorists’ network are only chasing the MQM workers and its sympathisers. He further said that under a confidential agreement, Karachi is being handed over to ‘someone’. About 12 of the MQM workers were murdered in extra-judicial killing, he said adding the MQM is not against the operation but it should be conducted as per the laws and constitution. PST leader Shahid Ghauri expressing concerns over the operation said that target killing and political violence has been witness across the city and criminals are roaming freely.  PTI’s Arif Alvi said that all the political parities should agree not to call for strikes as the practice has ruined the economical conditions of the city.

On the occasion, all the participants passed various resolutions asking the Sindh government to stop extra-judicial killing and to carryout the targeted operation against criminals and terrorists.  PPP leader Taj Haider said, “If we are willing to restore peace in the city, we’ll have to eliminate criminals from hour parties.” About 80 of the PPP innocent workers were arrested during the operation, he said adding that terrorism and democracy could not go together. He said that 200 policemen have been martyred and “we cannot allow the terrorists to carry on their attacks in the name dialogues.”

On the occasion, PML-N’s Nehal Hashmi said that his party organised the meeting with an agenda of bringing all the parties on same page to bring peace in the city, and it is a good sign that all the parties have extended their support to carry on the targeted operation in Karachi.