Every culture has its own identification, classification and importance. Culture represents a nation. It tells the likes and dislikes of a nation. It reflects the behaviour and shows the way of living of a nation. The Sindh Festival is being celebrated in different parts of Sindh. It is a good step by the Sindh government to promote Sindhi culture. This shows that Sindh respects its culture. They want to make other people know about their culture, however, it has been observed at the inaugural ceremony that the show was full of non-cultural events. It did not seem like presentation of Sindhi culture but the Western culture. Sindhi songs were sung in Western style instead of their own cultural tone. The participants were dressed in Western style rather than Sindhi. Their gestures were totally reflecting Western culture. I would like to request the organisers of such festivals, especially where the objective is to highlight the culture, to learn culture before they try to promote it.


Karachi, February 13.