Akora Khattak- Taliban nominated committee today expressed disappointment over  the cancellation of scheduled meeting by the government negotiators.

Coordinator of TTP nominated committee, Maulana Yousuf Shah said that the government committee should not have cancelled today’s meeting in the current phase of the dialogue process.

He said if today’s meeting had not been cancelled, they would have asked Taliban leadership about the killing of 23 security personnel claimed by their Mahmand Agency franchise.

Shah said it was disappointing that the government side considered them as Taliban’s companions. This behavior of state negotiators is not appropriate, he added.

Yousuf Shah said there were positive signals coming from the Taliban side for a complete ceasefire but killing of 23 security personnel has halted and damaged the process.

He said military operation is not an option to restore peace in the country. He warned that if such operation was conducted, endless bloodshed and terrorism would grip the country.