Our rulers, both politicians and bureaucrats have luxurious life-styles at the expense of the people, who are one of the poorest in the world. Where 50 % are without access to potable water, with highest child mortality rate, with 50% children suffering from malnutrition lacking basic health facilities. The country is bankrupt, heavily in debt even unable to service the debt on dole outs and IMF bailout. On the other hand leaders of developed countries like UK, Germany, France, Scandinavians, Japan etc and even of developing countries lead simple lives, without being a burden on the tax payers.

Qauid-e-Azam and all the people who worked with him to create Pakistan, lead austere lives. Our rulers, beginning with dictators and their created politicians and bureaucrats have adopted luxurious life styles of Kings and maybe think they belong to Saudi Royal family? It is about time that they changed their lavish ways, otherwise they will face the wrath of the Allah and the people.


Rawalpindi, February 13.