LAHORE - An overseas Pakistani yesterday said her family in Lahore had been facing life threats since some land-grabbers tried to occupy her house in Defense.

Qurat-ul-Ain Iqbal along with her husband and other family members addressed news conference at Lahore Press Club yesterday. She said that some people attempted to deprive the woman of her house by preparing fake property documents.

The woman says she has been running from pillar to post to get justice but to no avail. She said that she had bought a house (440-A, Phase-V in Defense) from Laeeq Amjad in December 2014.

As per the agreement, she paid Rs20.80 million to Laeeq and then the lady got the possession of the property. In the meantime, Laeeq took the upper portion of her house on rent for eleven months but later refused to vacate the property.

Laeeq Amjad in connivance with four other people got prepared fake documents of the property and started blackmailing the woman, according to the FIR.

The Anti-Corruption Establishment registered a fraud case (under section 420/468, 471 of the PPC and 52/47 of the PCA) against five men for preparing fake property documents.

She further said that her family was being implicated in fake criminal cases. The Defense-B police station raided her house and thrashed her family members.

“We are very much worried and terrified. We request the top provincial hierarchy to take notice of the situation and help us get justice,” said Qurat-ul-Ain.

The Punjab government has established various desks to facilitate overseas Pakistanis especially in property related disputes but it seemed they are not being entertained properly.