The introduction of Pakistan Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has helped reduced corruption in Government procurement activities. It has also allowed new service and goods providers to compete in government procurement. The rules ensure that procurement activities are carried out with proper planning, documentation and budgeting. It stops direct procurement and emergency or gallop tenders.

But there are still some rules of PPRA that allow mismanagement. For example the rules allow for direct procurement of vehicles, without tender or assessment, from Pakistan automobile manufacturers. This allows many government agencies to procure vehicles to utilize their end of year budget. The newly established Ehteesab Commission procured 58 Toyota Hilux 4x4 pickups, one of the most expensive vehicle in the market, on 25th June 2015.

Similarly, the procurement allows for the direct procurement from Government organization. This was heavy procurement is conducted between government organization without any tender or assessment. Not only do the private companies lose the opportunity to do business, the government companies may also not be getting the best price, while corruption can be conducted by government employees, who achieve high sale to get high commissions. Many KP provincial companies are using this method to utilize funds.

PPRA should therefore amend the rules to stop direct procurement of vehicles, especially when imported vehicles are available and local manufactured companies can offer discounts during tender. Similarly, direct procurement from Government owned companies should not be allowed and instead they should also have to compete in tenders. This will ensure government procurement get the best cost and quality rate.


Peshawar, January 10.