The government seems to have left the public at the mercy of exploiters as despite drastic decrease in the POL prices, the transporters continue charging extra fares, denying the passengers due relief.

The public at large said that there is no sign of reduction in fares of both the air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses. “The transporters seem reluctant to slash the fares as there are brawls and scuffle incidents between the commuters and transporters almost at every bus stand,” some passengers pointed out, adding that the Regional Transporter Authority appears nowhere in the situation although it is the RTA’s responsibility to protect the commuters from exploitation.

The commuters regretted that the administration has failed to provide relief to the public following the considerable cut in POL prices by the government. “It seems the transporters have manipulated the entire fares deciding mechanism and overtly looting the public with both hands by charging exorbitant fares,” they blamed, adding that they always exploit the situation for their advantage as they create shortage of buses by bringing fewer vehicles on road. They claimed that the transporters violate load rules and cram passengers into buses like animals.

It is ironic that the government is supposed to provide affordable travelling facility to public but the local administration seems to have fallen to its knees and doing nothing to protest the public interest. The public has demanded the Punjab chief minister and other authorities concerned to take notice of the transporters highhandedness and the RTA slumber.

They demanded that the government must force the transporters to reduce the fare in commensurate with the POL prices cut. They also urged the Toba Tek Singh DCO and the DPO to wake to their responsibilities and take steps to mitigate sufferings of the public.

Commuters clamour for relief


Transporters are reluctant to reduce public transport fares despite a drastic cut in the prices of petroleum products.

The commuters who are travelling between Noorpur Thal and Jauherabad demanded an action against overcharging and overloading by the transporters.

The residents of different areas of Tehsil Noorpur Thal including Advocate Malik Muhammad Waris, Tariq Masood, Muhammad Rizwan and others told this scribe that the government had reduced the prices of petroleum products but its benefits could not passed on to the public.

They said that the transporters were charging the same fares as were before the reduction in petroleum and diesel product prices. They demanded that the Sargodha Division Commissioner and DCO Khushab to take notice and ensure reduction in fares on the mentioned routes.