The Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi, popularly known as “Boom Boom” is a philanthropist as well. He founded the Shahid Afridi Foundation in March 2014. The organisation aims to provide healthcare, education and sports facilities in Pakistan and around the world. The latest achievement of his organisation, rescuing 30 Pakistani prisoners detained in Dubai, is a milestone in the fields of charity, generosity and humanity.

Before this, building a hospital in Kohat, providing free education for underprivileged children and digging wells in remote areas are all appreciable philanthropic projects in the short period of two years by his organisation. I acknowledge the efforts by the Shahid Afridi Foundation and draw their attention towards the most neglected and vulnerable region, Tharparkar.

The people have been facing various issues due to waterborne diseases, inadequate health facilities, famine and lack of basic infrastructure. The only source of water for animals and humans in the desert area is small intermittent ponds and wells. The lack of a constant water supply causes much of the local population to live as nomads. Many NGOs are operational in the area but are only interested in photo sessions and taking grants from abroad. The Sindh government never paid attention seriously to resolve these issues.

The present PPP government has taken inadequate initiatives by providing water filtration plants. On the other side, the Indian government has constructed a 650-kilometre-long Rajasthan Canal system to make the desert arable and transformed the barren desert into rich and lush fields. There is ample need to construct small dams, reservoirs and canals in Tharparkar.


Faisalabad, January 26.