America, with the start of 2018, is getting more worried everyday about Pakistan becoming an economically stable investment country. Change of American policies and continuous tweets from American president Donald Trump reflects how relations could exacerbate in the coming days.

An economically strong Pakistan will have less incentive to carry out American objectives in the region. Despite any political party in government, they will be able to make strategies according to their plans. China Pakistan Economic Corridor appears a clear threat to America and India.. Therefore, America is collaborating with India, to create political chaos along Pakistan-Afghanistan border using RAW and other groups. The government of India is continuously trying to hamper the project and is worried about the huge investment of China in Pakistan, as well as the eight submarines sold by China to Pakistan worth billions of dollars. This gave a huge jump to Pak Navy’s capability and strength.

According to India, the partnership between the China and Pakistan is a threat and on many times – they tried to convince China to drop the idea of Economic Corridor but China has firmly stood with Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is worth 54 billion US dollars under long term plan till 2030, which is also called the game changer project in region. It will improve the social ,economic and foreign policy situation in Pakistan.


Lahore, January 31.