The prestigious school college systems in Pakistan give the best facilities, the best infrastructures, best libraries, the best workshops, the best of everything but the problems like addiction, conduct issues, crime, pornography, even in teenage are rising to a large extent. Why, what is missing? As we see many nations in world are known for their intelligence, politeness and wellness. Why is such nation so unique and different from rest of the world? The very simple answer is their incredibly cool education system and unique teaching methods. 

Such types of nations put a lot of time in the education system. They try to make it not only useful but also fun by giving importance to manners before knowledge. The goal for the first three years of their schools is not to judge the child’s knowledge, but to establish good manners and to develop their character. Children are taught to respect others and to be gentle with animals and nature. They also learn how to be generous, compassionate and empathetic. Besides this the kids are taught qualities like grit, self -control and justice. This is what an ideal education system look like which is a missing need in our society. 

We are blessed with being muslim, as all these mannerism are a part of our religion. If we consciously consider this reality many problems of our society today can be solved easily. 


Lahore, January 31.