Reported by Radio Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the world to take notice of India's ultranationalist ideology based on Nazism, otherwise things will go far worse.

Addressing two-day Refugee Summit Islamabad on 40 years of hosting Afghan refugees in Pakistan, on Monday, he said if this ideology is not checked, this will lead to destruction and the region will become a flashpoint.

The Prime Minister said the Indian Prime Minister's statement that they can destroy Pakistan in eleven days is not a responsible statement by a prime minister of a nuclear state with a huge population.

He said because of the Hindutva ideology Kashmiris have been persecuted for over 200 days while living under a lockdown. He said under the same ideology, BJP government passed two discriminatory nationalistic legislations, targeting 200 million Muslims in India.

He said if the international community does not take notice of this situation, it will create another refugee crisis for Pakistan as Muslims of India have been asked to move to Pakistan.

Referring to the Afghan peace process, the Prime Minister said we have extended the best ever support to the Afghan peace process. He said we need peace in Afghanistan for development and prosperity of internally displaced people. He said development is only possible through trade and friendly relations, which will also help us to improve our relations with Central Asian states.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is celebrating 40 years of hosting refugees. He said despite economic challenges, the host Pakistan kept wonderful relations with Afghan refugees.

He said generosity has nothing to do with the bank balance. This hosting is linked with Madina Hijrat. He said learn and idealize Hijrat of our Prophet (PBUH) who believed in uniting human beings.

The Prime Minister said Islamophobia came after 9/11 because terrorism and Islam was equated, which led to sufferings of refugees across the world. He said every society and religion has every type of people.