LAHORE - Mutahida Ulema Council decided to struggle jointly for peace and against the sectarianism in the country. The meeting presided over by Maulana Abdur Rauf Malik at Masjid-e-Kubra, Samanabad here on Sunday. It was decided to work against sectarianism by setting aside their creed. Ulema said that custodians of Mehrab-o-Minber could effectively spread the message of peace in the society. A 16-member committee was formed for the reconstitution of council which would announce the new body of council and all sects and parties would be given representation in the council’s new body. MNA Abdul Malik Khan, Maulana Abdul Ghafar Ropari, Maulana Abdurraf Farooqi, Maulana M Asim Makhdoom, Syed Mehmood Ghaznavi, Alhaaj M Shafique Butt, Dr Fayyaz Ranjha and other scholars also attended the meeting.