The federal Minister for Information was recently interviewed on Waqt TV by Waheed Hussain. The host was keen to seek answers about the current political situation in the country and issues like the differences between the President and Prime Minister, President running the country single-handedly, tussle between the CM and Governor Punjab, the Mumbai attack and other issues on which the public feels the government has failed to deliver. These were very pertinent questions but the minister adopted a very negative approach in the interview. Rather than answering questions, she kept acting evasively often saying she had already answered the question previously. Our Information Minister has a media background and she has also been honed during her close association with late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. She should have given a better response to the media man who was simply trying to extract information in the interest of the public. The Information Minister was arrogant and showed unnecessary attitude while answering questions. She needs to understand that ministers are paid servants of the public who are answerable to the people for whatever they do. The host Waheed Hussain deserves a pat on the back for showing composure while trying to accomplish the task of interviewing the graceless minister. -LT COL (Retd) MUHAMMAD AFZAL SADIQ, Attock, January 16.