PESHAWAR - The British High Commission (BHC) has turned down a request of NWFP Chief Secretary Javed Iqbal for a meeting on some relevant issues. Sources in the Provincial Secretariat informed that NWFP Chief Secretary (CS) Javed Iqbal had asked Cat Evals, the First Political Secretary of BHC in Islamabad, for a meeting on some important issues but his request was turned down. The top govt functionarys request was illegal, as government has banned officials meetings with foreign diplomats without prior permission. The BHC gave him little importance by replying through a small local official. Mumraiz Khan, an employee in BHCs political section, wrote to the CS that situation in NWFP was very volatile and, therefore, meeting would not be possible in Peshawar. The letter sent by BHC further said, We can meet you in Islamabad and discuss matters in detail whenever you come here on some official business. There was no clue in the communication as to what 'important matters the CS wanted to discuss during the proposed meeting. The BHC officials were contacted but they were reluctant to respond. It may be mentioned here that many important officials in NWFP are trying their best to develop personal relations with US and UK diplomats for possible benefits that include beneficial postings and accelerated promotions. Local officials consider diplomats of Western countries very important. TheNation repeatedly attempted to contact the British High Commissioner based in Islamabad by phone to seek his comments, but he was not available.