Internet is an amazing invention of this new era. It squeezes the world, putting hundreds of books within your reach at a click. Daily newspapers, magazines, books, research material etc. are available at the touch of a finger. Whoever wants to undertake research of no matter what kind, internet provides him with a complete library. With the passage of time net is becoming more and more advanced. There are TV channels, audio-video documentaries and a whole lot more becoming available. For entertainment, you can watch the new releases as well as oldest of films. This is the constructive angle of this latest invention. There is a negative view of the internet too. Today, there is a movement even in the Western world that the cyberspace is harmful for youngsters. The West is worried about hundreds of sexual crimes that are being committed through the internet chatting and X-rated sites. Many use the net to deceive children and commit crimes against them. Some think in the near future, the internet would have to be banned or at least restricted a great deal for the underage, just as the smoking is. Efforts should be made in our country to restrict the access to net for the underage youngsters. -SALAH-UD-DIN, Lahore, January 16.