The historic decision by Bangladesh Supreme Court of separating religion from politics has rang alarms in the rest of the Muslim world where religion is mired inseparably with the state affairs. The West separated the church and state in 1648 and since then the two have not interfered in each others domains. In Pakistan, we are already divided in different factions and sects of faith the general level of tolerance is already near zero. Due to our inability to separate religion from politics, Pakistan is today the epicenter of terrorist activities. And as the terrorists appeal to the religious emotions of the faithful, they have soft support within the society and are even part of the political process in a covert sort of a way. The western media, in fact, is of the view that can even achieve success in radicalizing the state policy on the war on terror. Fortunately, Pakistani people are not beholden to any radical ideology and that is why these people have never made it to the treasury benches of the parliament as yet. The state is safe from their hands for now but the need of the hour is to make Pakistan a model nation state like Bangladesh where state and religion should work in separate spheres. The Islamic states all over the world are going through the transitional pains of changing from a more pronounced role of religion in their polity to a more progressive, Laissez-faire dispensation. The hardline Muslim clerics have been resisting this change, misguiding their local populace with the indoctrination that Muslims should have no relations with Jews and Christians and should wage war against all infidels of the world. Unfortunately, these non-state actors are spreading their doctrine of hate using the technology of the very West they wish to keep away from their Muslin brothers. Islam itself, though, has no threat from the West,. Rather it has this threat from within. The need of the hour is to compete with the Western world in education and technology and not in false polemics. -QAMAR CHEEMA, Islamabad, January 14.