Apropos the issue of illegal high-rise buildings being demolished in Lahore, I endorse the act of erasing this illegality altogether. The LDA officials and former DGs are all guilty of allowing the builders to indulge in irregularities and build these monstrosities by violating all rules. Construction of these high-rise buildings, without allocation of required parking spaces, has created so many problems and led to an exponential rise in road accidents and traffic blockages. In cities all over the world the state is held responsible for imposing strict regulatory controls that have to be exercised in the interest of the tax paying public on all urban construction. Unfortunately in Pakistan, the powerful land and building mafia, through their ill-gotten wealth, got away with adding huge heaps of concrete to our cities, towns and highways. They first break the rules intentionally, then pay usually nominal fines to get these violations regularised. These violations have become a norm in all cities of Pakistan. Laws are small obstacles this mafia can surmount by greasing a few palms and payment of a little fine. Why do these violations not take place in DHA commercial zones? For no other reason except that there is general fear among the builders that the authority would demolish them even if they are slightly out of line from the total civic plan. Some of the illegal high-rise buildings being demolished in Lahore have been constructed on illegally-occupied land belonging to the state itself or even widows and orphans. This is what has led to development of a culture where laws have become redundant in our society and we are in a state of chaos. -GULL ZAMAN, Paris, January 15.