Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) proved that he was worthy of the job Allah (ST) ordained him to do. His life was an example of what a true Muslim should be. Before he became a prophet he was given the titles of Al-Amin and Sadiq by the people of Makah because he was truthful and honest. He never lied and never cheated, he always fulfilled his promises and was helpful to the poor and orphans and never boasted and was humble. The two main qualities that prove that a person is a true Muslim are ‘Truth and Honesty’ which seem to have deserted our country and its people. If a Muslim adopts a code of falsehood and dishonesty, he is not a Muslim but an imposter and a hypocrite (a Munnafiq), even if he observes all the rituals regularly, grows a beard and carries a mark of piety on his forehead.

This concept of ‘Truthfulness and Honesty’ in a Muslim should be propagated regularly in our schools, colleges and on our media until the majority of Muslims know that it is a code of truth and honesty which defines them as Muslims. Once this code is established, we can quantify or problems, mark out the steps necessary and then act resolutely to overcome the problems plaguing our country, thus earning a respectable place in the comity of nations. I firmly believe in this as I approach my 95th birthday and I firmly believe this is the only way to our salvation.


TPK., January 15.