Developed and responsible states patronize education and consider it their moral, national and professional duty to stand by their educational policies and make education a priority. Pakistan being a developing country does not prioritize education at all. Short term policies of education are introduced but are never carried out. The state of education in Pakistan is miserable; there are many reasons for it. There are multiple systems of education in Pakistan which can be held responsible for educational degeneration. The duality of the system does make the system ineffective and distorts the importance of education at national level. The dual system of education not only creates pseudo intellectuals and educationists, but also it alienates the people.

These systems distanced and divided the people into classes. The English medium private schools promote a sense of superiority in their students, rather than social collectivism they are made to feel superior. Furthermore, the thing that adds to the educational degeneration is teacher. Today’s teachers don’t teach; they tell the techniques how to cram the answers. They blame the system but do nothing for the betterment of the system. They get involved in politics and form unions. By mentioning unions, it does not mean that unions are harmful rather union members are harmful for the system because of their ignorance.

They always talk about the grades, pay raise and facilities. They remember their rights but have no clue of their duties. A teacher becomes a machine by treating education mechanically therefore, he/she is producing cramming machines. In the market, ‘Cram Exams’ guides are available and teachers hint that the students should buy them and follow them. Another is the board, each board advocates their own guides and suggest books. Papers are marked according to the provided keys from these guides. Creativity has no role in our education system. If a student is creative, he/she does not score good marks because the answers do not match the ones given in the book. Most of the people who design syllabi are not professionals or trained educationists. They are unaware of the latest developments in different disciplines. Syllabi designers still work on traditional lines. Syllabi designers play a very vital role in the education of a country. Research and surveys are not conducted while shaping the syllabi. There are lots of mistakes in our syllabus books. The books are not proof-read properly. The teachers who are professional and researchers must be consulted to consider the ground realities and classrooms problems.


Islamabad, January 15.