LAHORE  -  APTMA Punjab chairman S M Tanveer has lamented over 8 hours a day electricity loadshedding for textile industry on independent and grouped feeders and termed it fatal for market access opportunity from the EU.

According to him, situation for Punjab-based textile mills depending on electricity supply from PEPCO network are facing terrible state of affairs due to unbearable loadshedding schedule. He said this situation will take the textile industry in Punjab to the verge of closure and the preparations for market access opportunity from the EU will be compromised. APTMA Punjab chief said the Punjab-based textile mills are left with no option but to close down one complete shift a day. It is causing high unrest among textile workers with every passing day, he added. He said the Chief Minister Punjab had assured of uninterrupted electricity supply to the Punjab-based textile mills but this assurance has not been materialised so far.