This is with reference to an article “PTI becomes punching bag in senate”. I was shocked to see the PTI being condemned in the senate. Other political parties were accusing PTI for not addressing terrorism in KPK .It seems that all mainstream parties are afraid of the growing popularity of PTI. If it is acknowledged that PTI failed to cope with terrorism and is unable to maintain law and order in the province, what have other parties done to uproot this social evil so far may I ask?

ANP was the ruling party in the past and their leaders were targeted and they did nothing, so why is everyone so critical of PTI?

This great menace requires sane minds who can unite the country and all political parties to fight against this rising tide of terrorism. Knowing that terrorism is not only an issue of KPK but all main metropolis are the target. Our leaders don’t devise any strategies to confront them; they don’t try to root out this cancer but only come out with tall claims and condemnations. Imran Khan is the only person who stood against America and even criticized his own government. My question for all mainstream parties is, can you please justify your unanimous venom against PTI?


Islamabad, January 15.