I would like to know who is responsible for accidental death in Pakistan? The very strong transport mafia, backed by politicians or the irresponsible government? If a person of a political party dies that party goes on strikes, they have complete shutter down blocked cities but who is responsible for the death of 67 people travelling in a bus? The Karachi bus collision with an oil tanker, killing 67 who will console their loved ones, most bodies are beyond reorganization, instead of facilitating them, the government plans on sending them to Islamabad for DNA test. What will this DNA test prove? Who they are? Why is the government wasting money on sending bodies for DNA? Causing the relatives a long wait to bury the dead and I am sure once the tests  (with no results) are done they will ask the relatives to pick up the bodies from Islamabad costing them as well as hurting them once again? I would request our government to refrain from putting salt on the wounds of the deceased’s families.


Rawalpindi, January 11.