Haier marks 30 years of global success

LAHORE (PR): Haier, the world leader in home appliances is celebrating 30th years of outstanding success on a global scale. What started as a state enterprise in Qingdao (Shandong, China) in 1984 to manufacture and supply refrigerators essentially to the Chinese market has today grown into a truly multinational enterprise and a global leader in home appliances and electronics.

Three decades on Haier manufactures and markets not just refrigerators but a comprehensive range of home appliance products that adorn households not just in China but across six continents thereby improving the quality of human life on a global scale. Today Brand Haier accounts for a whopping 10.2% share of the world market -a true indicator of the confidence that consumers have in Haier products which include a complete range of refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances and LED televisions. This is the 6th year running that Haier has been voted the leading brand of home appliances in the world by Euro Monitor.  Haier’s global presence allows the group to localize production and build high-quality products tailored to specific local needs. With eight Research and Development Centers around the world, Haier has 29 manufacturing bases and 16 industrial parks in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In Pakistan, Haier is marking 2014 as yet another year crowned by the success of meeting the set sales targets, with the help of and in close cooperation with its partners, the Haier dealers and distributors through the country. Innovative and aggressive marketing has seen Haier’s share of the local market jump to an admirable 27% over, with the #1 position going to Haier air conditioners and Haier washing machines. All Haier product categories have shown a marked increase in sales -a pointer to the high acceptance that the brand enjoys with consumers in Pakistan.

With planned aggressive marketing and a whole range of new products, Haier Pakistan has set itself increased and challenging marketing and sales targets for 2015 which it is hoped with give Haier an overall share of 32% in the Pakistan market. This increase in targets is also designed to increase the business and profits of Haier dealers its true partners on the ground in Pakistan.

Agha Steel provides first steel supply for 3rd largest mosque

KARACHI (PR): Agha Steel Industries has provided the first delivery of steel rebars to lay the foundation works for commencement of the structure of world’s third largest mosque being built at Bahria Town Karachi. The mosque will have a capacity for 800,000 people to perform their prayers at a time and the construction is in full speed.

“It is a real blessing from the Almighty that we have been given this wonderful opportunity to provide steel for such a noble cause. We pray that this project will be a success and congratulate Bahria Town for their visionary project” said Hussain Agha, executive director at Agha Steel Industries.

The construction and civil works for the project has been awarded to Paragon Constructors by Bahria Town. The premises of the grand mosque in Karachi will also house a museum where oldest scriptures of the holy Quran will be put on display.

The material used in the mosque will be of high quality and the best air conditioning system will be installed there. Agha Steel Industries is the leading quality steel rebar manufacturers who are the first company in Pakistan to manufacture A706 G60 Grade Rebars which is used specifically when considering areas that could face high seismic risk and designed to resist Earthquake effects.

EPA for 49.5MW wind power project signed

LAHORE (PR): Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) for 49.5MW wind power project was signed at WAPDA House Lahore between Master Wind Energy Limited (MWEL) and National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC). Muhammad Arshad Chaudhry, GM Central Power Purchasing Authority (CPPA), and Tariq Izaz SI(M), Project Director MWEL, signed the agreement. The signing was witnessed by senior officials of CPPA and the project company. Project will produce 49.5 MW of electricity and will be located at Jhimpir, District Thatta, Sindh.

Shell launches research on urbanisation, energy usage

LAHORE (PR): Shell Friday launched a research supplement in Lahore on how cities across the world grow and consume energy after an extensive study of over 500 urban centers.

The publication, New Lenses on Future Cities, produced in collaboration with the Singapore Centre for Liveable Cities and using research from global consultants Booz & Company, surveyed a diverse mix of urban centers, and groups cities into six illustrative archetypes indicating where energy use is most concentrated and where future urbanization is set to take place. It also identifies potential development pathways that help to give cities ‘room to maneuver’ in how they use resources and promote economic development whilst keeping the city livable.

“Pakistan is projected to urbanise at a rapid rate over the next decade, with our urban and rural populations set to equalize in 2030. This growth will come with a number of challenges but also opportunities, and it’s imperative that concrete urban planning and design steps are taken to ensure a prosperous future for Pakistani communities. As a global player with a presence in 90 countries, Shell spends considerable effort in understanding macro trends and long-term issues that will shape the future. We hope this research will be a valuable contribution to the global conversation about cities and provide a future energy-based perspective for political and business leaders as they make decisions that will affect city planning and development.” said Mazhar ud Deen, GM Retail for Shell Pakistan at the launch event held at the Falletti Hotel for a cross section of stakeholders including urban developers, architects, corporate entities and other public and private sector organizations.

John Russell, Shell City Development expert, talked about potential growth scenarios for an urban hub like Lahore. While many major urban centres in Pakistan share characteristics such as high population density and low per-capita GDP, as well as resource and transport challenges, Lahore presents distinct features contributed by is history as a Mughal imperial capital, and its current role today as provincial epicenter.  

“While significant investment has been made into Lahore’s development, further careful planning will help achieve more efficient and integrated use of resources, particularly energy resources,” said Mr. Russell. “By encouraging urban design-led efforts here and in other urban centres in Pakistan, resilience can be built into these systems and services to ensure greater wellbeing and prosperity for the future.”

Pizza Hut celebrates 20th anniversary

LAHORE (PR): One of the largest international food chains in Pakistan and a pioneer within the pizza industry, Pizza Hut recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Pakistan. To commemorate this milestone, Pizza Hut brings to its customers a scrumptious range of starters, flatbreads, rice, pastas and desserts with the launch of Pizza & Much More.

With this move Pizza Hut once again sets itself apart from its competitors and evolves from being just another fast food restaurant to a unique casual dining experience perfect for get-togethers and celebrations.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Pizza Hut has introduced a number of exciting product fusions over the years where it has successfully blended in the flavors of the East with styles of the West. A notable example of one such novelty is the invention of the Chicken Tikka Pizza, a scrumptious topping that has become a nationwide favorite for all.

Keeping in line with the same tradition, Pizzas and Much More brings with itself the addition of 10 new exciting products thus adding a new layer of variety to Pizza Hut’s existing menu. From classic dough flatbreads to the signature footlong lasagna, the brand now offers its customers ever more reasons to visit with the promise that there is something for everyone at Pizza Hut. 

Millat Tractors CEO given ‘Best CEO Award 2014’

LAHORE (PR): CEO Millat Tractors Limited, S M Irfan Aqueel has been honored with the Best CEO Award 2014 in Corporate Social Responsibility Category in a ceremony held at Karachi organized under the auspices of Karachi & Islamabad Stock Exchanges in collaboration with Karachi Mass Human Resources Services.

The jury for the selection of the best CEO comprised members of Karachi & Islamabad Stock Exchanges and FPCCI.

It is worth mentioning here that Millat Tractors under its CSR policy supports national initiatives in the field of education, health and welfare projects. Under the leadership of S M Irfan Aqueel, Millat Tractors has recently won 3rd position in the KSE Top 25 Companies of Pakistan for the year 2014.