The leaders of the outlawed militant outfits claimed that they would intensify their attacks. These attacks could be launched in any university or school in the country. In order to avert any untoward incident the government announced that schools would remain closed, including universities, until Jan 10, 2015. After the threat by the Taliban most parents are worried to send their children to schools. However, the country cannot afford to close institutes for undecided time.

Now it’s every citizen’s duty to support the government and security forces in combating terrorism. Since it is not only the armed forces who must save us, but we as citizens, must also fulfil our responsibility. All students are required to keep their eyes open and report any suspected person in or near their school or college premises. If anybody finds suspicious persons they should call 7171 hotline. The government is requested to deploy appropriate law enforcement agencies to keep surveillance of all institutes. They can install CCTV cameras on different locations to monitor security if they lack man power. All finances spent on buying expensive cars and luxuries for the elite politicians should be diverted to keep our children safe.


Karachi, January 9.