What an unfortunate nation we are? We are a 68 years old nation and during these years the graph of our progress mocks us. Sixty eight years, in the life of a nation is a long period. India and China both were librated with us, look at them and then us? We have faced constant political instability. Our leaders have never planned for any progress in the country. In exception to some, almost all the political leaders have tried to serve their own interests. They have shown least concern for the country or the common man. The number of projects, including security plans, security agencies, security branches, security barricades, security walls and what not, have now been started, after the horrific insurgency of terrorists in a school in Peshawar killing 135.

Like every sensible Pakistani I am forced to think if we lack intelligent people? Do we have no individuals who can plan and implement better security plans before an event happens? No doubt we have uncountable individuals, but it is all about priorities and now national security should be our top priority.


Rawalpindi, December 24.