All eyes are on Heart of Asia Conference being held in Islamabad today, 8th December 2015. It is expected that this conference will help in normalizing bilateral relations with Afghanistan on the one hand while on the other hand, resumption of meaningful dialogues between India and Pakistan will be planned. The participation of Indian External Affairs Minister Shushma Swaraj along with representatives from other Asian countries in this conference is an opportunity for Asian countries to formulate a roadmap of regional security. With the advent of communication revolution and end of uni-polar world, the concept of regionalism has got stronghold. The regional peace and security of Asia lies only in peaceful resolution of regional issues. Kashmir issue is the heart of all issues. It is considered that international pressure has forced India to come to tables but nobody is sure how long India will be persistent in its policy of bilateralism. Though India is hard nut to crack yet it needs to realize that there is no other way than to resolve the problems between Pakistan and India through dialogue process. It can prolong the issues but it cannot escape the reality. Reality is that resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolutions is in the interest of both countries and regional peace also depends on it.


Lahore, December 8.