The phrase ‘Old Is Gold’ packs in itself a measurable lesson. Have we ever wondered why this has been passed on from generation to generation? What does it try to teach us? The indifference of young generation, fading away of moral values and the weak tie of relations between people might answer why the old traditions and values were said to be treasured. Let us try to find out the root cause of the reason why today’s generation has let go of the moral values that were so dear to previous generations.

Why is the young generation so indifferent? No parameters have been prescribed or there is no weighing scale to measure this impassiveness. There are several problems in this generation. We, the youngsters, have acquired a few traits that have served to kill the values of our ancestors. Firstly we only find faults in others but remain blind to what others don’t like in us. We love to criticize but scorn when shown the mirror. We are nonchalant towards each other to conceal our own weaknesses. Moreover, in this hurly-burly world of gain and profit where everybody is engrossed in getting and spending, we have no time for each other. These are the main causes of our spiritlessness.

Our elders used to care about each other and were concerned for each other’s well-being. We have no respect for any relation because we have reverence only and only for wealth. To judge someone by the brands one wears has become the predicament of our society. This predicament is reflected in the following quote:

“The wealthier you are the more esteem you will have”.

People love to love you if you have wealth. In brief, our lives have started revolving around the riches rather than the relations.

Last but not the least, the bond between humans is getting weaker and weaker these days because we have ‘unhanded the reins of patience’. We are in the habit of making mountain of a mole hill. The attitude of considering ourselves right has made this generation intolerant and impatient. As a result, the relation between two persons continues until they try to supersede each other. Because we are always in the need of someone to whom we can show our superiority to hide our inferiority complex. Moreover, everyone wants to be understood by others rather than understanding them. We have become so drab in color and dull in soul that we find it easier to leave someone rather than empathizing with him. Thus, the knot of relations untie easily. It is relevant to point out that both the generations, i.e. new and old, are playing their considerable part in making these situations worse.

When a child is born, instinctively he only knows how to bawl, the society teaches him the moral lessons. Furthermore, our youth is at loose end and the credit goes to our formers. From the tender age, they have started teaming the minds of their toddlers with the choice of profession which will earn them more wealth. It amounts to the production of money-oriented coevals.

Like-wise, a child is always considered as a small fry, not physically but mentally, until he dies. This attitude has actually put a bar on our thinking capacity and thus, decision making power. Young contemporaries are also contributing well in all this fuss with the help of their mental frustration. Parents are thrown out of homes as they are not humans but some sort old furniture to get rid of. The old homes that were inconceivable in the past have become a reality of the present.

Keeping in mind the whole scenario of preferring materialism over morality, it can be proposed that the new ones should be taught the lessons of patience and morality, not of greed and wealth, under the kind auspices of their parents and teachers. They should be at the liberty to choose the profession that strikes them the most.


Lahore, December 7.