SME Sector is the backbone of the economy in the Pakistan. SME Sector has an contribution of $86 billion in the GDP of Pakistan. But unfortunately, this sector is been neglected by the government of Pakistan. Investment should be made to support SMEs so that they can expand their sector. According to surveys the country has not been able to organize itself into sufficient balance of enterprises that facilitates regular employment and skill development. The government makes promises to support SME sector but unfortunately failed to fulfilled their promises. If the development is made in the direction of SME Sector then most of the problem can be solve. If new business are established, people who are unemployed will be getting job in these firms. SMEs sector not only support in GDP of a country but also indirectly will be supporting country’s economy as the people’s income will increase they will make investment in other sectors and capital formation can be done in country.


Karachi, December 7.